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Daryl Lindy Hackbart was born in North Miami, Florida on November 6, to Lois & Daryl Hackbart. The oldest of three children, Tootie, as he is also known, and his two sisters, Daneale and Rhonda attended Holy Cross Lutheran School in North Miami through junior high. All three of the Hackbart kids also graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School. Afterwards, Tootie attended Concordia University, a Lutheran university in Seward, Nebraska. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and Speech/Theatre in 1985.

Daryl worked in retail, primarily grocery, for 20 years in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. His employment included Winn-Dixie, Publix, and Sears.

Daryl in West Hollywood Daryl Tootie in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn West Hollywood while on his honeymoon, August 2002

In 2000 Daryl came to San Francisco with his ex-partner, Mark.  Daryl hated the City at first and some people thought he would return to South Florida in 2002 when the relationship went sour. 

However, on March 25th of 2002 Daryl met the love of his life, Jorge Suazo, and they became practically inseparable. A year later they moved in together and their apartment became the place for friends' birthday parties and just to hang out. On a few occasions their sofa became "home" for friends who suddenly found themselves homeless. One friend came to the apartment to stay; the couple adopted their "daughter," Sophia, the cat.

When Daryl became very ill with MRSA pneumonia (complicated by AIDS and Kaposi Sarcoma) in 2005 and stopped breathing, it was Jorge who performed CPR and rushed him to the hospital, thus saving his life. It was Jorge, too, who lovingly stayed by Daryl and helped nurse him back to health.

After 5 piercings and 12 years of seeking just the right body art to display, Daryl finally found his inspiration.

In November 2007 Daryl returned the love, staying close to Jorge as Hodgkin lymphoma and AIDS ripped through his body. If love could cure disease, Jorge would certainly be alive and well. Unfortunately, bacterial infection acquired in the hospital ravaged his tired body and Jorge passed away on February 28th, 2008. He died peacefully with his entire family nearby, secure in their love and the love of Jesus, his Savior.

Daryl returned to school in August 2007 when he was accepted into Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley. He had planned to follow the Extraordinary   Lutheran   Ministries  (ELM)

track to graduation and possibly ordination. ELM provides assistance to Lutheran pastors and seminarians and advocates for the full inclusion of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities within the Lutheran church.

Grief-stricken and hurting, Daryl doesn't know what will happen to him next. He spends nearly all of his time alone and heart-broken, with only Sophia for companionship. All of his thoughts and hopes are focused now on the day when he will be with his dear Jorge/Astrid once again in heaven.



                         How I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother!
                                    Oh, how much I loved you!
                         Your love for me was wonderful,
                                   more wonderful than that of women.
                                                            -2 Samuel 1:26


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